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Nombre: Urgent conservation actions of *Posidonia beds of Northern Latium

Idioma: english

Palabras claves: marine ecosystem‚ protected area‚ coastal area‚ restoration measure


Abstract: BACKGROUNDThe Neptune grass (Posidonia oceanica) habitat is declining in the Mediterranean basin as a consequence of human pressure along the coasts. Such regression of grasslands is caused by different factors, such as erosion cause by trawling (which is illegal inshore) and scraping by the anchors of pleasure boats. Both SCIs have deteriorated as a result of these pressures.OBJECTIVESThe main objective of the project is to safeguard and to restore some SCIs of particular importance to the conservation of the priority habitat 1120 *Posidonia beds in the Tyrrhenian Sea of Mediterranean Biogeographical Region. The conservation actions will take place in two SCIs in the Lazio region: "Sand banks between Chiarone and Fiora rivers" - IT6000001 (1 761.9 ha) and "Sand banks of Punta Murelle" - IT6000002 (1 111.99 ha).Expected results:Approval of management plans for two large marine Natura 2000 SCIs;Production of ex-ante and ex-post evaluations of the conservation efforts in the project areas to update the Natura 2000 schedules;Allocation of 600 submarine structures subdivided in two SCIs to combat illegal bottom-trawler nets;Stage two press conferences (in the initial and final phases of the project) and set-up a website;Implementation of an environmental education programme in schools (120 hours of teaching time for 2 500 students);Produce a 20-minute long video, 1 000 DVD copies of which will be distributed;Publish and distribute 12 000 leaflets;Strike an agreement with fishery associations to preserve the marine SCI areas; andHold two European meetings on coastal and marine habitat conservation to define a common strategy at European level.

Empresa: Regione Lazio – Direzione Ambiente e Cooperazione tra I Popoli

Participantes: Comune di Montalto di Castro (Viterbo), Italy Università degli Studi della Tuscia–DECOS, Italy

Financiador: European comission LIFE Programme

Coste: TOTAL BUDGET 1,339,500.00 €EU CONTRIBUTION 542,787

Año: 01-DEC-2010 to 30-SEP -2014

Ubicación: Lazio

Fuente: LIFE09 NAT/IT/000176

Info contacto / e-mail: CONTACT DETAILS:Project Manager : Fulvio CERFOLLITel: +39 3333258993Email: